Thursday, August 30, 2012

027: TJ Tambellini of Verma

Congratulations, it's mid-week and you've made it halfway through in one piece! To celebrate, listen to the kraut rock jams of Verma as they send their number one son, TJ Tambellini, to rep for the group here in episode 027, where he talks about scoring soundtracks for Vice Magazine documentaries, setting epic moods while always running from *something* as well as discussing the multitude of side projects the band have in their stable. Check out the companion interview over at Chicago!

Verma: Ragnaraak
Verma: Space Is Open
E+: Substance D
Wetlands: Escape from Tavaguemue
TJ Tambellini: Ancient Tone
Verma: Sun Runner
Matchess: Searching for The Smoke
Verma: V4b
Verma: Untitled (recorded live at The Hideout)

Listen to it here:

or download from itunes by clicking here.

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