Thursday, September 27, 2012

037: Adam Lukas of Pink Frost

In episode 037, we hang out with Adam of Pink Frost and talk about band name changes, shoegaze and recording. This episode comes on the heels of N&B's re-release of the band's LP 'Gargoyle Days' on cassette and acts as a pre-cursor to a 7" that will be released on N&B in early December! Listen on in! Check out this video over at Chicago Mixtape!

 Download from itunes by clicking here.


Pink Frost: Where Days Go
Fear: I Don't Care About You
Pink Frost: The Sun (from the upcoming 7" on Notes and Bolts)
Lasers and Fast and Shit: Diggin' A Hole
The Chills: Pink Frost
Pink Frost: Traitors
Ministry: Stigmata
Touched By Ghoul: Eureka 1957
Pink Frost: Striking Violet

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