Wednesday, February 27, 2013

092: Reno and Riviera of Energy Gown

Energy Gown join us in the N+B space for episode 092 and bring along with them, a blend of fuzzed out psych, low key garage downers and endlessly entertaining banter. Listen on in!

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Complete Playlist:

Energy Gown: Toe The Line
Cosmonauts: Cut Your Hair
Energy Gown: Diamond Bun
King Tubby: Shepherd Bush In Dub
Energy Gown: 6freedose
Tabu Ley Rochereau: Aon Aon
Bruce Haack: Program Me
Energy Gown: Crys Take The Gems Out of My Eyes
Energy Gown: I Watch The Sun

Toe The Line: A protest song from the year 2012. Lyrically the song develops from an attitude of disenchantment where the futility bubble implodes and reverts back to daydreams of subversion by way of contrary falsifications of 'revolution'. We flipped the tape and included a backward banjo part for good measure. And of course lots of tape echo. - Andrew

Cut Your Hair: This is one of my favorite groups from the west on RVRBTN APPCRTN label that is great. These guys know how to write a song and let it breath. - Andrew

Diamond Bun: Sunday morning funnies with sex in the shadow of afternoon. This song came from early morning free-tongue sessions. Early morning is so personal and fluid for songwriting. The song comes from an expression of the menacing necessity of sex. But hey sex is great, don't get me wrong. - Andrew

Shepard Bush in Dub:King Tubby is so drippy and sounds both vintage and futuristic at the same time. Really strange, floating stuff. King Tubby was murdered in 1989 outside his house in Kingston after a recording session. We need to get the guns off the streets. - Eric

Free Dose: Sine-wave generator thru a copicat tape echo. This is the first song that Energy Gown started to become an evil band. Half inspired by criminal demons emerging from the drainpipe in the basement, the song is an anthem about taking the first leap into the maze (free of charge, of course) and to always be questioning authority. - Andrew

AonAon: Eric is a semi-pro whistler and this is the sort of thing that gets his motorboat going in the morning. #1 wildest whistling part to a song here in this Congolese track. Want really badly to know what the lyrics are to this track, but no idea. Tabu has a son named Youssoupha who is a French rapper, maybe it's time to fall through a Youtube black hole. - Eric

Program Me: Can't praise Bruce Haack's genius enough. I imagine him writing these songs while he is teaching and playing with his students. The lyrics alone will set you free. He invented a bunch of his own homemade synthesizers from old radio parts, etc. Also vocoding really early. - Andrew

Crys: Take the gems out of my eyes: This comes from a tape release off Magnetic South in Bloomington. Swampy Indiana grooves with super relaxed vocal take. It is really nice when your friends dish out the good stuff. - Andrew

Frustration: It is amazing the power of some singles. The Painted Ship from 60's Vancouver got a really short end of the stick. I contacted the captain Bill Hay himself about why there are only 4 songs released: He tells me that a full album was lost in transit from London to Chicago and never recovered. How utterly tragic!!! Luckily the world gets to glimpse the tip of the iceberg of the greatness in this featured track. - Andrew

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