Monday, April 29, 2013

110: Chaz Allen of Japanese, SPF420, and Metallic Ghosts

It's episode 110 of Notes and Bolts and we're hanging out with Chaz Allen, the man behind the curtain of many guises - music monikers Japanese, and Metallic Ghosts (and a good dozen others) as well as one half of the online revolution known as SPF420. This episode was recorded in anticipation of SPF's latest installment on Wednesday, however, due to the time sensitive nature of pre-recorded shows, there are a few anachronisms (changes in the show's line up, Chaz not directly eluding to being Japanese as of yet, etc) - regardless, an entertaining listen, so click the button!

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Complete Playlist:

Metallic Ghosts: Welcome To The Pleasure Centre/Pleasure Centre
Metallic Ghosts: Virtual Jackpot
Stasis - Window
Luxury Elite - Carousel
Auto - Casino
Mensa Group Intl - Atta Atta
Contact Lens - Free Throw Bouquet

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