Thursday, November 15, 2012

056: Scott Cortez of Astrobrite and loveliescrushing

Astrobrite, one of several projects from the ever prolific Scott Cortez, has been generating quite the buzz as of late. With the re-release of their Crush LP last year by Logan Square power house BLVD Records along with a new LP now out, All The Stars Will Fall, Cortez has been on a bit of a winning streak. This week, in episode 056 of Notes and Bolts, Scott hangs out and talks about shoegaze music, obvious comparisons that are perhaps a bit unwarranted as well as his formative years making weirdo sounds in the band room after school as a kid.

Download from itunes by clicking here.
More about these tracks over at Chicago Mixtape!

Complete Playlist:

Jessica Bailiff - Cave In
Noveller - Almost Alright
Grouper - Alien Observer
Simon Scott - She Came From The Sea
Six String Malfunction - Next Time Forever
Alastor - Untitled One
I Break Horses - Hearts
Pillowdriver - One
Casino Vs. Japan - Vessels That Float Out of Metals
Darkered - She Likes Stars
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Stained Glass Body
Windy and Carl - Snow Covers Everything
Feet of Clay - Apple In The Mouth Medley

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