Monday, December 10, 2012

064: 12/10/12 - Ryan and Andy of HEWHOCORRUPTS

In episode 064 of Notes and Bolts, we have Ryan and Andy of HEWHOCORRUPTS, Inc, on hand to talk about the label's long history - as well as a few asides about the band of the same name - a session that the lads referred to as therapy. You heard it here first, folks; Notes and Bolts - therapist to all Chicago musicians!

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More about these tracks over at Chicago Mixtape!

Complete Tracklist:
Under The Silver Linden
Chicago Thrash Ensemble - Floor of Spite
Dead Level - Self Medicate
Al Scorch - Track 4
Wastelanders - Abstraction
Chica X - I Don't Know What I'm Doin'
English Softhearts - I Love You Like Johnny
Staring Problem - Robbie
Daylight Robbery - Mystery
Lasers and Fast and Shit - Hot Miracle

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