Wednesday, January 9, 2013

078: 01/09/13 - Deanna Devore

Here in episode 078 of Notes and Bolts, we talk to solo artist Deanna Devore about the electronic sounds that inform her music as well as the journey's she's taken towards her current residency here in Chicago. Check out her show tomorrow night at Schuba's!

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Complete Playlist:

Didn't You
My My
The While
Sanity That's Dying
I Crack
I Tried

This song is off of the new EP "X Number Of Days". It has sort of a Deadmau5/house music feel to it. It starts off slow but then grows into a dance groove with a chorus you can hum along to.

Didn't You:
Also off of the new EP...this song was the first song I had ever written that doesn't have many instrumental changes. It's hypnotic and minimal with lots of space around the vocals. One of my favorites from the new album.

My My:
"My My" is from my first EP which was released in 2007. It was the first song I had recorded with more of an electronic/dance feel. A sound that is now very much apart of my music.

The While:
I had written and recorded "The While" just after the first EP was released. I had almost forgotten about it and then years later, I wanted to bring it back. So I re-recorded the vocals, made some small tweaks and put it on the new album "X Number Of Days".

Sanity That's Dying:
This song is off of the first self-titled EP and was co-produced by Bjorn Thorsrud in Chicago. It has a Brazilian/jazz vibe with syncopated rhythms.

This was the first song recorded for my new album, "X Number of Days". It went through many changes before the end result was reached. It has a clubby, catchy vibe to it.

I Crack:
"I Crack" is off of the first EP. Its original title was "Chicago" but was later renamed. One of the first songs I wrote while living in Chicago.

I Tried:
The first song off of the new EP. This may be my favorite. I love the way the recording came out. It flows really well but still maintains a haunting aspect to it.

More about these tracks over at Chicago Mixtape!   

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