Wednesday, January 16, 2013

080: Bill Tucker of 1980 Records

Here in episode 080 of Notes and Bolts, we've got Bill Tucker of 1980 Records (see what we did there!?) hanging out and talking about the current goings on of his label as well as his own music. Bill has been a great friend of ours for nearly a decade now and we're really excited to see the microscope he's been putting to the Lincoln Square neighborhood with his new slew of releases. Be sure to check out Bill on tour starting on Thursday when he joins up with Already Dead Tapes operator Joshua Tabbia's band Problems That Fix Themselves!

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the skull - nature : one of my favorite solo recordings. I did everything on this recording, drums, guitars, etc. If I had a practice space I'd be doing this kind of stuff all the time.

t. storm hunter - we don't want you : I love this song! I think most experimental or weird musicians have experienced this. the justice in this listen is rad. hearing a song this good by someone who has felt the blow off by the music industry really puts the show on the other foot.

proles! : love these folks, great friends with big hearts. super good sloppy punk!

chris marshall : this song as well as all of chris marshall's work is fun and interesting. he's got a story for every song and really cares about music and creativity. so good!

bill tucker - freedom yr one : super personal song that I tried some different approaches to guitar playing. a lot of heavy attack on acoustic guitars. i still don't understand the puget sounds power over the emotions.

dust bunnies : i met paul back in 2006 and we've been floating in and out of each other's lives ever since. luckily i get to see him more and more these days and the more i see him the more i learn. this upcoming dust bunnies tape is so good and i hope our friendship becomes more consistent. good music, good folks.

cacophony noise division : i love this noise piece. one of the best parts about it is that he use a hamm radio and some of the voices were live from the local airport. so cool.

bill tucker - weird shapes : this is one of the summer jams that is more than memorable to me. we had such a blast playing these songs at parties and shows and we really got to know each other during the rehearsals and commutes.

bill tucker - lamp : this is a full band version of the song "beautiful dreams". just some instrumentalin's with my dudes.

loner : my buddy evan started this with david young. a very cool dude who has been dj'ing at radio stations like WZRD and KDVS over the past few decades. their music is stripped down and fun. davis california has a pretty raddd scene of musicians and artists and these are some of thems.

the skull - daffodillians : my buds daniel and ryan collaborated on these songs we were here there and every where

bill tucker - a plane is just a train that flies : this is part of my new release called boring music. although this tape is called boring music it's a collection of some of the music that is closest to my heart and some of the most important music to me.

lincoln johns - alone in the woods : this is the most chill lincoln johns gets. i really like the first album because it captured a side of me that is hard to control. it's a peaceful side of my music that I wish i could be in more often.

lincoln johns - toxic sunshine drugs : this is from the second l.j. release that tells the story from the land of kerbungeon. this song is when the stone heads conspire to block passage to the next world.

(photo by Joshua Tabbia)

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