Friday, February 1, 2013

085: 02/01/13 - DJ Philly Peroxide

If you attended the Pink Frost record release show that we threw in conjunction with Saki Records and Epitonic, last Saturday, you probably saw a tall, bleached blond figure standing behind the 1's and 2's in between sets, playing some of the best shoegaze sounds from the last twenty years. That guy, DJ Philly Peroxide, has become a main stay within Chicago shoegaze and post punk circles and his reputation is well deserved! Listen on in and hear him talk about the travails of folks requesting obvious jams at gigs, as well as his own burgeoning gigging prowess as a member of Chicago rising stars, The Bellwether Syndicate!

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Complete Playlist:

The Foreign Resort: Orange Glow
Dreamscape: Greater Than God
The Bellwether Syndicate: You Can See Through Me
The Soft Moon: Die Life
New Canyons: Everyone Is Dark
lo Echo: When The Lillies Die
Bloody Knives: Bleed Out
Drowner: Point Dume
The Woken Trees: Yells


The Foreign Resort- Orange Glow
Great band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Certainly one of my most played songs of last year.

Dreamscape: Greater Than God
A recent re-issue by Kranky, Dreamscape are a somewhat forgotten 90's dreampop band with members currently in Secret Shine.

The Bellwether Syndicate- You Can See Through Me
The closing track to The Bellwether Syndicate's debut Night Watch EP, this is the first song to feature lovely vocals from Sarah Rose.

The Soft Moon- Die Life
Probably one of my favorite singles of the year. A dark, dystopian dance groove... and a killer live show, too!

New Canyons- Everyone is Dark
Andrew from New Canyons sat me down last April to listen to a rough mix of this song. It's one of those songs that you never forget the first moment you heard it... It just sticks with you. It's special when a song can do that.

Io Echo- When the Lilies Die
A swirly fusion of post-punk and shoegaze with a constant whistle engulfing the song. I'm looking forward to their forthcoming album.

Bloody Knives- Bleed Out
Luminous keyboards & shimmering guitars, dripping with beauty and danger.

Drowner- Point Dume
The opening track off one of my favorite albums of last year. The ethereal voices provided by singer Anna Bouchard are some of the loveliest sounds I've heard and each song creates its own unique atmosphere. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Woken Trees- Yells
One of the first releases from this band, they are definitely one to keep an eye out for. This track blew me away upon first listen.

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