Friday, March 29, 2013

101: Lightfoils

In episode 101 of Notes and Bolts, we're hanging out with the members of Lightfoils and talking band formations, awkward interviews (hopefully not ours!) and shoegaze. Check out the lathe 7" that we've posted today to go in tandem with this episode. As always, you've got ONE WEEK to pick it up!

Download from itunes by clicking here

Complete Playlist:
Lightfoils - How It Is
Lush - Kiss Chase
Lightfoils - Last One
Blonde Redhead - 23
I Break Horses - Empty Bottles
Lightfoils - Sympathy Lies (New Canyons Remix)
Lightfoils - Chasm

Lightfoils - How It Is I believe this is the second song we wrote when we formed as a band. Most of the earlier stuff was written primarily by Cory, some of them even written using a guitar chord app on his phone. I believe this is one of those. This is still a band favorite, and it’s in 6/8, so it’s got that going for it.

Lush - Kiss Chase Wicked jam off Lush’s 2nd (and best, IMO) album Split. Totally underrated band, even in the shoegaze community. Great songs, great melodies & harmonies. What’s not to like?

Lightfoils - Last One OK, so, first EP of ours was real poppy, pretty, etc. But, you know, pretty only goes so far. Can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Put a little grit in there. This one’s for the rockers and casual drug abusers.

Blonde Redhead – 23 Seriously, one of the best recent albums to incorporate the shoegaze style without resorting to outright tone thievery. It was mixed by Alan Moulder, though. Perhaps he kept some board settings from Ride and just plugged them in? I don’t really care how it happened, this shit is the bomb.

I Break Horses - Empty Bottles Electro-shoegaze (e-gaze?) has been a thing for a while, but this band is one of the brightest stars of that particular firmament. I even like their drum machine beats, and as a drummer who would normally like to hear the thwack of a stick hitting something, that’s high praise.

Lightfoils - Sympathy Lies (New Canyons Remix) The original song is another early club banger from us, and we love it, but New Canyons took it and made it way dreamier than the original. Much more languid and soft. I’d like to curl up in this remix and hibernate.

Lightfoils – Pitiful Me Like Last One, this is a super super rough mix, but I think it gets the point across. Also like Last One, this is going to be on our upcoming full-length. Pretty yet rocking. A good mix of our two warring sides.

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