Thursday, October 25, 2012

049: 10/25/12 - Stephen Sowley, Bryan Gleason and Matt Biscan of Fake Limbs

In episode 049 of Notes and Bolts, we have Stephen, Bryan and Matt of Fake Limbs over to talk about the formation of their group, the unmeaning deception of buying Dio era Sabbath records and what it is to be incessantly compared to staple 90's noise rock bands! Their recent full length LP on the mighty BLVD Records imprint is a barn burner and if you have an ear for a caustic mixture of the dissonant and the melodic, you'd do well to check the record out!

 Download from itunes by clicking here

Complete Tracklist:

Fake Limbs: Your Comments Are Atrocious
Fake Limbs: Hanging Kudzu
The Birthday Party: Cry
Fake Limbs: Balding But Angry
Minutement: Shit From An Old Notebook
All The People: Cramp Your Style
Fake Limbs: No Hands, No Mouth
The Endtables: Process of Elimination
Fake Limbs: Let Me Be A Woman For A Second

Read more about the track listening over at Chicago Mixtape!

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