Friday, January 25, 2013

083: 01/25/13 - Adam Lukas and Dave Narey of Pink Frost

Today's 83rd episode of Notes and Bolts is a particularly special one as it marks the second time members of Pink Frost have been on the show - except, this time out, they're marking the release of a new 7" that we at N+B are dropping TOMORROW at an instore over at Saki Records, which the Frost will be playing with Scott Cortez of Astrobrite as well as PlusTapes alums Coins. A lot to be excited about!

Download from itunes by clicking here

In other news, we're teaming up with our besties over at BLVD Records to release Pink Frost's forthcoming sophomore effort on delicious vinyl. Here's the press blurb and some fluff by way of a pair of Chicago institutions:

"Notes & Bolts and BLVD Records are happy to not only announce a most excellent partnership for an upcoming dual/split release, but also that this dual/split release (the first of many) is for awesome Chicago gazey psychedelic rock heavyweights PINK FROST (formerly Apteka)!

Following a cassette release of their "Gargoyle Days" album and a brand new 7" single (both on Notes & Bolts), the two Chicago labels will be joining forces to release the vinyl LP version of Pink Frost's highly anticipated upcoming album, due out this spring!"


Here are some kind words on the Frost from the Tribune and the Chicagoist:

"This quartet builds an expressway to your skull in the grand tradition of Sonic Youth, Spiritualized and other guitar armies. On its first full-length album, Apteka luxuriates in the sound and physicality of humming amplifiers, but crucially, the band doesn't forget the songs." -Chicago Tribune

"Apteka creates aggressive music you can hum along to. They don't quite fit in any easy categorization. The guitars shred and burn as they build up a trembling wall of sound that would enter shoegaze territory were it not so insistent on driving forward instead of draping easily over you. The drums and bass create a rock solid base of support without ever resorting to an easily followed rhythm.... But again, there's a surprising accessibility to this music and we think the point of entry there is probably through the band's appropriation of melodies that please instead of scare. These are songs that, no matter how much they make your skin want to melt into a puddle at your feet you can still hum along to." -Chicagoist


All in all, a lot to be excited about as we unveil this small avalanche of Pink Frost releases. We're pretty excited, and you should be too! The LP will be out in late Spring/early Summer while the new 7" will be in our webstore on Monday.

More over at Chicago Mixtape!
Talk soon!

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